The insurance industry is mired in paper-based, people-intensive manual workflow processes. The operations of most carriers require a patchwork of software applications, systems platforms and workflow processes to market, sell, underwrite and manage their insurance business. The result is inefficient operations to quickly bring new products to market.

GBO’s Proprietary Technology Platform

  • Enrollment and Member Acquisition

    GBO’s flagship platform is a proprietary sales and enrollment engine allowing consumers to shop for a variety of products from multiple carriers through a single, intelligent, “shopping cart” experience. The technology can be applied to virtually any type of personal insurance and protection product.

  • Administrative and Product Management Workflow Hub

    GBO’s QwikCoverage platform is built on an enterprise-wide, relational database and provides the transaction hub that enables carriers to perform a comprehensive set of insurance functions critical to the management of products in an automated environment. This system allows carriers to eliminate the silos associated with traditional, paper based sales/management processes and allows for a streamlined book of business that is accessible by all key stakeholders.

  • GBO Exchange

    The GBO Exchange delivers a comprehensive online shopping platform for personal insurance products. The experience designed to allow a customer to browse, research, purchase and manage multiple products from multiple carriers in multiple lines through a simple and intuitive single check-out, billing and document management process.

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